Saturday, August 1, 2009

What DID The Doctor Order?

DR HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOW: Best of Musikladen

There are words to describe what goes on here in 1974 on the German music television show Musikladen but you must see, first hand, for yourself what kind of freakish carnival ride this band was at that time. So entertaining - I'm even gonna assume for non fans or for those who have never heard of this band -on first viewing that I watched it 3 times in a row at first in absolute shock and awe at what exactly I was seeing.

All I'm gonna say is that these guys - all of them - were on something. I've had various discussions with other viewers and ultimately what it probably comes down to is that they were really, really drunk and on LSD. Possibly cocaine was involved but at that point, what's the difference.

That aside, the band was on fire. Probably a result of touring hard at that time. What's remarkable is that nothing looks planned here. Its chaotic madness but with rare precision from a band that resembles every rock and roll cliche or vision I've had of a band that are no strangers to indulgence. Most of the songs were written by the inimitable Shel Silverstein which lends perfectly to the imagery that this crazed bunch of lunatics were unleashing.

I know that top 5's and 10's lists can be spotty at best but I'd put this way at the top of the list of live concert material that I've seen in my years. I'd probably watch it over most other rock DVDs out there. It's short and sweet, massively entertaining and and a good time will be had by all. Even if you just know them by the Cover of The Rolling Stone song. Even if you've never heard of them at all. And even if you don't enjoy the music here, the sight of these guys doing thier thing will grab you. See it. You will not be dissapointed. I probably won't say that about many things.

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