Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random News

Saw a 6 piece rocksteady band last night at the Hotel Utah. Thumbs waaaaaaaaaay fucking down for that place these days. What the fuck happened to the charming bartenders and friendly staff there. Not to mention that at $4.50 a beer it's a wonder anyone there was drunk. This spot has become a haven for 9to5-ers to"cut loose" after a hard day in the cubicle and it's quite uncomfortable if you know what I mean. Anyways... I got off track. The band was called The Titan Ups and they were great. It was rocksteady with a punk edge, teetering on the brink of completely losing it at any minute. But alas they didn't. Vocalist Bob Reed (Overwhelming Colorfast, Oranger) is a staggering presence and who knew he had the pipes for this sort of thing. A friend mentioned that it may be his calling and I agree. They have no website, no record, no nothin, just a killer live set (that was cut short by a 9 piece funk band?!) and a great energy. Which makes me like them even more because there's no hidden agenda.

Sonic Youth is playing the Independent on monday The 3rd following thier show on sunday at the Fox Theater in Oakland. While this closely resembles a wet dream, I won't see you there because apparently it sold out in about -5 seconds. Try your luck with a sneak in if you so dare. I happen to be crippled right now so I'm not very sly. Not that I condone sneaking in anywhere or anything like that.

Flakes and Th Losin Streaks tonight at El Rio as posted below and I will be there.

Also some very strange news: Black Francis is playing next Saturday and Sunday at the Hotel Utah (uuggghhh) which I only discovered after seeing a flier on the wall! lots of shit happening next weekend but I may revisit that dump on Sunday to catch this if I can stomach it again. So mad at the Utah right now!

Saturday the 8th: Gris Gris with Spindrift at Great American Music Hall. Enough said there.

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