Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jim Dickinson - Nov 15th, 1941 - Aug 15th 2009

The world lost another legendary music man last Saturday with the passing of Jim Dickinson. He was an infamous Memphis man. He played piano with the Atlantic rhythm section (not to be confused with the "actual band") and backed artists like Aretha and the like in the early 70's. Him being there in Muscle Shoals led to a guest appearance on The Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers" on "Wild Horses". Such stories are pretty trite when trying to describe a guy like Jim Dickinson. He had a wild personality that carried on that Sun Records legacy with him as he brought energy and inspiration to sessions that he produced for Big Star, The Replacements and many many more.

Jim was involved in music right up until his death and stayed surprisingly relevant and in demand making up to date albums with bands including Mudhoney and more in the past decade. He is another link in the chain that may well seem to be broken or faded if not for the fact that his two sons carry on the Dickinson name with The North Mississippi All Stars and with Luther, who is now a full time member of the Black Crowes as well. R.I.P. Jim


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