Sunday, July 19, 2009


If you have seen the film DiG! Or have known about The Brian Jonestown Massacre before then you know what kind of maniacal circus that band has been over the years and that also they are probably one of - if not the best - independent rock and roll bands of the 90's. Chrurning out great albums on dental floss budgets and at ridiculous paces despite massive bouts of drug addiction and all around personality problems that threatened to de-rail the band for good on more than a few occasions.

And if you've seen the film, you may have noticed a dainty young lady at one point playing and singing alongside Anton Newcombe named Miranda Lee Richards. Well, this Miranda has gone on to become a great singer songwriter in her own right and I should probably be ashamed that I even had to put that assossiation together for this story because she's well capable of being recognized aside from all of that.

But here's what's really out there to me. This morning I got a phone message from Miranda (whom I've never spoken to or known before) saying that she needs a guitar player for her show at Cafe DuNord TOMORROW! I finally pieced together the peices and found out that someone had put in a recommendation for me. So, I'm doing the show even though I'm crippled at the moment and I'm nothing but thrilled to back this wonderful singer up. She'll be playing Monday July 20th at Cafe DuNord as part of the Mission Creek Music Festival and she's a very nice person with great songs to boot.

Monday, July 20th -
Miranda Lee Richards
Emily Jane White
Helene Renaut
Chloe Makes Music

Cafe du Nord
2170 Market St. San francisco

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