Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Conversation I Once Had With Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson is a friend of mine and a band mate. He is also a former member of Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, San Francisco's own country rock heroes that are sadly no longer with us. That of course is not all he is. He's been around playing in bands for many years here and throughout the US and the rest of the world. Not only is he a great songwriter/guitar player/bartender and drinking partner but he is also one of the funniest people I know. This is a conversation that took place one afternoon at The Attic here in SF while Pat was bartending and I was drinking everything he put in front of me. Which was the ritual every Wednesday happy hour where I first got to know him.

Not sure how we got to talking about this but we did and I just can't go on without sharing this little slice of a funny memory that I won't soon forget.

Stu: Hey Pat, what was the name of Bread's second record?

Pat: (with a general look of who the fuck cares on his face) I don't know man, (long pause as he walks away and back) "Crumbs"?

Stu: Ha ha ha. Then their third one must have been... "dough"

Pat: No man, it was "Toast"

Stu: Ha ha. Well which one had "Guitar Man" on it?

Pat: Who gives a shit? But I can see all the Spanish record reviews of it now.

Stu: What?

Pat: ... "Pan" ...

and that was it.

Here some of his stuff here

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