Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stirling Says - Balboa

90's FUZZ!

Today I dish out some local luv for a band that won my heart over at first listen. Do you remember when you first heard a fuzz pedal explode from a speaker and your heart jumped up and and nearly choked you as the song you were hearing had instantly blew up with ecstatic energy? Maybe it was Jimi. Maybe it was Nirvana? San Francisco's Stirling Says bring that Dino Jr.-ish nostalgia to the table in a massively fuzzed out poppy way that will be irresistible to anyone who remembers anything from indie, punk and "Alternative" music from 89 it0 96. There's nothing heavy here though, in a serious way. This music is lighthearted and truly loveable although one subject matter tackled on their new release "Balboa" on the track "Tatiana" warns "You mess with the tiger / you get the claws!" referring to the 2007 Christmas day tiger mauling that saw the death of both the victim and Tatiana, the tiger and pointing out that when taunting a caged wild animal, there may be obvious consequences. Other tunes like "Migration of Fin", "Sausalito" and "Tweezin" hark back to the days when fuzz ruled the airwaves via bands like Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins and the like. Make no mistake though. This music is as new and relevant as anything out there now and with any luck, some 13-16 year old out there will get that choked up fuzzy feeling I once got at that age via the Big Muff.

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